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He wanted something that would allow him to focus on writing and reading only
ServiceCore is a QuickBooks compatible, all-in-one, software solution custom built for companies in the septic pumping, grease trap cleaning, portable toilet, and roll-off rental business
1st one ist with IDs -> you have an ID within your Zettel or you don&39;t use IDs in Zettels than the filename will be used for linking (to be more exact you can also link to filenames when using IDs but that&39;s then not the "standard" link)
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It&39;s a lot more text-focused than most editors
But these depend on the paths, and, as Zettlr is designed to work even with cloud-saved files, the path on one computer will not be the same as on another computer, making the hash unusable as an ID
Business Owners Zettlr can also benefit the lives of business owners